The year is quickly approaching an end. The year of 2011 has brought about many paint color trends. Painting remains the simplest, most cost efficient home improvement project. In this economical state, it may be the only home improvement project many families can afford. We’ve noticed many paint color trends of 2011. Consider changing the paint color in your home to match one of these themes or try starting a paint color trend of your own in the New Year.

One paint color trend many homeowners are leaning towards is the metallic paint finishes and shinier paints. The paint color yellow is also making a comeback. Many homeowners may be using these colors to create a brighter, more optimistic feeling in a home. In addition to optimistic color shades, homeowners are also painting their homes calming colors. Purple, blue, and gray are all calming paint colors. Perhaps homeowners are using their home as an escape from the hardships of this year.

Of course, neutral colors remain a popular paint color for homes. Neutral colors are more versatile than other paint colors. This makes them for safer color choices. If you don’t like the feel of the room, different colored accessories can easily change the atmosphere. Coral paint colors are making their way into popular neutral paint color choices. They can easily match most of a room’s changing décor.

Are you ready for a fresh look without going over budget? Parks Painting & Remodeling offers Brownsburg painting services that can match the painting trends of 2011. Whether you want a neutral paint color or metallic paint color, our painting contractors will create a new, fresh atmosphere in your home’s interior. Contact us for your free residential painting or commercial painting estimate today!

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