If you thought choosing an interior paint color was daunting, choosing an exterior house painting color is even more intimidating! No one wants to have the bad looking house on the block. Take our Brownsburg painting suggestions when choosing an exterior house paint color.

Historical homes often have old pictures from the past. These pictures can create ideas for choosing a particular paint color. Seeing a past color may also help you avoid a bad paint color decision. Check the internet or a local historical society to locate any useful pictures.

When choosing your exterior paint colors, you should also keep the color of your roof in mind. For example, a gray roof will match many colors like gray, blue, green, black, and white. However, a red roof would be more limiting. It would only work well with gray, black, or brown house painting colors. A neutral color is always a safe choice. White, off-white, beige, tan or taupe will surely match your roof and your neighborhood. If you just white is too boring for you, choose a brighter color for the trim. The trim color can also be a complementary color to the house paint color. Simply choose opposite colors on the color wheel. Tone down your color selections. For example, use a darker blue and use melon instead of the primary orange color to complement it.

If you need help making a decision, ask your Brownsburg painting contractors for advice. Parks Painting & Remodeling is located in Avon, IN and serves Avon, Brownsburg, Plainfield, and the surrounding Indianapolis areas. Our professional painters provide commercial painting services, residential painting services, and remodeling services. Call us at (317) 694-2085 for a free estimate.

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