Picking a paint color can be difficult. It’s typical to agonize over a color scheme for a room. Many people choose white, ivory, or neutral beiges to play it safe. It’s hard to go wrong when those colors go with everything, but those colors can also be boring. Many of us are afraid of choosing a bright or bold color. Take our advice on getting the inspiration for your next Brownsburg painting project.

A favorite accessory or piece of furniture can inspire the color scheme for a room. Designers often take this approach when choosing a residential painting color. Finding pieces to inspire your color scheme will make selecting your paint colors easier. Find something you like and make it the focal point of the room. Then look for other things to add to your room that match the color of that object. Finally, paint the walls a color that will go well with your other items.

You may not realize it, but the answer to what paint color to choose may be found in your house. Take a moment to consider which of your favorite possessions might inspire your new paint color. If it happens to be a color that you feel would be overwhelming for all the walls, then try it on just one wall. You could also use the color as an accent and paint your walls in a complementary color. Get creative and look around your house to find what inspires you. Whatever paint choice that comes from your inspirational piece will surely be a great one.

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