Who doesn’t like going on vacation to warm, exotic locations? What if you could bring the warm, exotic feeling to your home for everyday enjoyment? Your Brownsburg painting contractors can easily create any mood for your home’s rooms. Ask your painting contractor to use red, orange, and brown paint colors to create a tropical feeling in any room.

If you are worried about creating a complementary palette of colors, check out some paint color palettes at your local paint company. When making a decision about the color palette, keep in mind the 60-30-10 guideline. Use your favorite paint color from the scheme 60% of the time. Make sure to factor in not only the walls, but also the room’s fabric and accessories. Your second favorite paint color should be used in 30% of the room and the third color in only 10% of the room. One creative way to instill this guideline is using an accent color on only one wall. We recommend taking your color palette shopping with you. This will help you decide what artwork and other accessories will go well in the room.

If you’re nervous about choosing the color scheme, ask your Brownsburg painting contractor about your home’s paint colors. This will take some pressure off you, while ensuring great results. Parks Painting & Remodeling offers painting services in Avon, Brownsburg, Plainfield, and the surrounding Indianapolis areas. Our professional painters provide commercial painting services, residential painting services, and remodeling services. Contact us at (317) 694-2085 for a free estimate today!

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