Neutrals are an easy choice to make for wall color. They can match almost all colors of furniture and are a good choice of color when selling your home. If you choose a beige color for your next Brownsburg painting project, you should accessorize with more colorful objects to add some excitement to your home.

Neutral shades won’t go out of style, but some people find them a little boring. Specific accessories can give a room some color, while accenting the neutral paint shades on your walls. Deciding which colors to use as accent colors may seem difficult, but you can ask your Brownsburg painting contractor for suggestions. Pillows are a popular choice for an accenting accessory. They come in a variety of colors and designs. This will allow you to find the perfect pillows to accent your painted walls and brighten the room. A colorful lampshade is also a great choice to liven up the room. Even a stool or side table can be bought in the accent color of your choice. After you have filled the room with main accessory pieces, don’t forget to put final finishing touches like a vase filled with flowers.

While you may have chosen a neutral color for your walls, you don’t have to limit the room in color. Choose a classic color for your walls, but accent the walls with colorful accessories. Parks Painting & Remodeling is located in Avon, IN and serves Brownsburg, Plainfield and more Indianapolis areas. Our professional painters provide commercial painting services, residential painting services, and remodeling services. Call us at (317) 694-2085 today!

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